The Future of Good Farming

Beating the Farm Drum

norwayfarmby Lynn Miller
Agricultural forecasts? Depends on who you talk to, whose assessments you trust. Some say up, some say stay the course, some say down. We say it looks excellent.
WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF FARMING? It is our humble opinion that the defining matrix for the survival of farming next ten years, next twenty five years, next century, comes of a confluence of appropriate scale and individual ownership. And this confluence immediately establishes (or at least powerfully suggests) an honorable and welcome acceptance of liability.
sheep “This is my farm, I am intimately familiar with all aspects of its biology and health. I stand behind what we produce and want to be measured by your earned trust in this food.”
Such a statement would be difficult to believe if it were to come from a large industrial agribusiness establishment, it is easier to believe and trust when it comes of an independent farmer on his or her own small operation.

congofarm.4c Such statements, heard in different forms with increasing frequency all over the planet, are a strong harbinger of a positive outlook for farming. Led by the young, people of every age and culture are beginning to believe that they have a right to pursue farming as a livelihood. And they are excited by the possibilities. These people are finding ways to land themselves. And they are the future of farming.

nordell.35-3 But we offer caution that time and energy must be spent studying the best farming practises. Good farming is about practise and legacy and planning, And of course successful farming begins and carries forward with enthusiasm.

We’ve said it before, we say it again; There has never been a better time to become a farmer. The future for good farming is ripe, fertile, profitable and vibrant.