Welcome to the New Small Farmer’s Journal Website

brown-cover… Established in 1976, the Small Farmer’s Journal is THE award-winning, international agrarian quarterly. More like a community odyssey than a periodical, Small Farmer’s Journal’s large, beautiful format is packed to over-full with more information than you might find in three or four conventional magazines. Supported 100% by its readership, this folksy and feisty publication, a true clarion of free speech in the best old sense of the phrase, is a vibrant and exciting platform for engaging far-flung ideas about anything pertinent to the small family farm experience. Livestock, Crops, Barns, Farming Systems, Equipment, Recipes, Kids pages, Marketing, Poetry, Stories, and Political Updates—IT’S ALL THERE!

And NOW we have a bright, diverse, intelligent and useful new website to take the Journal’s message and values far into the future. We of the SFJ staff are pleased and thrilled to know that we can offer exceptional service in this added venue. On a weekly basis new content, news, announcements, articles, background information for what appears in the print edition all will be made available to any who visit here.

In 2010, it was our stated and determined position that this site will eventually offer a complete and search-able index to all of the article contents of the 34+ years of SFJ. Now, in 2013, we are pleased to say we have the Index up and running with new content being added constantly.

Along with this we are working to offer ambitious directories of markets, educational opportunities and events information.

Also in the future will be opportunities to advertise appropriate products, services and classifieds on these web pages.

This new site is a work in progress. While we hope you will be patient with us as we work out the bugs, we also hope you won’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions, compliments, criticisms and concerns. Just click on the Contact Us in the top menu.