Who is Lynn R. Miller?

Lynn R. Miller is one of the country’s foremost experts on small farms. A multi-faceted speaker, author, storyteller, artist, teacher, and farmer, his efforts to champion the causes, and advocate the support, of the small independent family-based farms and ranches of North America for over three decades have made a significant difference. As the originator (1976) /owner/publisher/editor of The Small Farmer’s Journal, he has offered to over 40,000 subscribers around the world a powerful tool for self-sufficiency, sustainability and community.

Miller earned Bachelor and Masters degrees in Art and Special Education from the San Francisco Art Institute and The University of Oregon. He has been farming since 1970 and working with draft horses since 1973. In 1976 he conceived of and started The Small Farmer’s Journal, an international farm quarterly. To this day he functions as editor/publisher.

Miller has authored (and sometimes illustrated) over 14 books on various topics related to animal power and alternative agriculture, including: The Small Farm Dream is Possible, Why Farm, The Work Horse Handbook, Starting Your Farm, Work Horses Today, Training Workhorses, Thought Small, Ten Acres Enough, Horsedrawn Plows & Plowing, Haying with Horses, The Mower Book, Horsedrawn Tillage Tools, Farmer Pirates and Dancing Cows, The Glass Horse, and more. He has conducted workshops and lectured extensively throughout the United States and Canada. He continues with research and development in agriculture alternatives.

For thirty-two years Miller has produced and managed a large and vibrant annual auction and swap meet market event for small farmers and horse farmers. He has received various awards including the Missouri House of Representatives Unanimous Resolution of Appreciation, The Garfield Museum Award for excellence in Agricultural Preservation Work, the a999 Steward of Sustainable Agriculture Award at the Ecofarm Conference, and the Utne Magazine award for environmental writing.