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Small Farmer's Journal
PO Box 1627
Sisters, Oregon 97759
Mon - Thu, 8am - 4pm PDT


Small Farmer’s Journal, founded in 1976, is an award-winning, international agrarian quarterly with forty plus years of print history. The publication is dedicated to the preservation and support of small-scale agricultural pursuits and family farms. smallfarmersjournal.com is the daily website for the SFJ readership community and beyond.

Conditions: SFJ Inc. reserves the right to reject advertising copy. All advertising copy must be clearly typed or printed. SFJ is not responsible for errors caused by unclear or unreadable copy.

Print Advertising: Classified Rates: 50 cents per word for subscribers; 75 cents per word for non-subscribers. To have an entire ad in bold type, add $2.50 per ad and specify with order.

Display Ads: Display ad rates are determined by space. If you pay for a year’s worth of space, you get a discount. Print Ad Materials: Camera ready copy, or digital files supplied on CD or emailed to us. PDF files preferred. Application files must include fonts, images, graphics. All images need to be high resolution (300 dpi at 100% of size). Ask about color.

SPONSORSHIP HIGHLIGHT ADS (if available): Full page, center section, in color $2,500. Two full pages, center spread, in color $4,750. Inside back cover, full page, black and white $1,500. Includes, on table of contents, a message, “This issue brought to you through the support of… your company name”.

Print Edition Color is restricted by placement. Certain limited color pages are available on a first come first served basis. (Whereas any ad may be in color on the website). Size of ad affects the charge for color. This should be discussed with one of our ad reps.

Website Advertising (full color): Included with your print ad is the option for a linked website ad that runs for the same quarter as the print ad. The link destination is of your choosing. These are only available to those who advertise in the SFJ print edition. All website ads are horizontal 800×400 px. If needed, we can convert your print ad for $25.

Payment Details: For print ads, please submit camera-ready (or typed listing) with any special requests and full payment. SFJ does not offer ad agency commissions or discounts. We do not send tearsheets for print classified ads. Please include $15 if you would like a copy of the Journal.

Graydon Murphy or Amy Jo Ferris
Small Farmer’s Journal
215 N Cedar, PO Box 1627
Sisters, OR 97759
Office: 541-549-2064 or 800-876-2893
Email: ads@smallfarmersjournal.com

Advertising Particulars: Color on special request only. Call for preferred position pricing. Photos sent to SFJ become the property of the publisher unless return is requested, accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Failure by SFJ to publish an ad, for any reason, does not subject SFJ to any liability whatsoever or otherwise give cause for any other claim against SFJ. SFJ’s liability for any error or omission in a published ad will not exceed the cost of the ad.

Print Circulation: 7,000 in USA, Canada, and 72 additional countries.
Readership: 40,000+
Web: (15,000 unique visitors per mo)

Rates & Sizes

Ad Size Width X Height One Time Four Times
1 Inch 3″ x 1″ (one column) $30 $25
1/6 Page 3″ x 5-3/4″ $150 $130
1/4 Page 4-5/8″ x 5-3/4″ $250 $175
1/3 Page 6″ x 5-3/4″ horizontal
3″ x 11-1/2″ vertical
$350 $255
1/2 Page 9-3/8″ x 5-3/4″ horizontal
4-5/8″ x 11-1/2″ vertical
$500 $345
2/3 Page 6″ x 11-1/2″ $700 $505
Full Page 9-38″ x 11-1/2″ $925 $800

Camera-ready copy please. In house production will be charged additionally to the advertiser as follows:

  • 1 Inch: $20
  • 1/6 Page: $30
  • 1/4 Page: $40
  • 1/3 Page: $50
  • 1/2 Page: $100
  • 2/3 Page: $150

DEADLINES for Print:

Issue Deadline Mailing Date
Winter November 1 Winter
Spring February 1 Spring
Summer May 1 Summer
Fall August 1 Fall


Small Farmer's Journal

Small Farmer's Journal
PO Box 1627
Sisters, Oregon 97759
Mon - Thu, 8am - 4pm PDT