Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative

Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative

The Founding of Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative

Seeking to Advance the Breed and Excel in Commercial Dairy Market & Niche Markets

The Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative was founded in 2016 by a group of dairymen who want to be outspoken advocates of the Ayrshire breed.

These individuals believe in the Ayrshire’s potential to regain relevance along with national recognition for its economic advantages; and, they share an excitement about opportunities to excel in both the commercial dairy market, and in niche markets that place a high value on grazing systems, sustainability and direct-to-consumer marketing of whole milk and/or cheese, including organic Ayrshire milk products; and animal rights’ desire for naturally polled animals.

Listed among endangered livestock watch list by the Livestock Conservancy, registrations for this historic breed have been reduced by half since 1970. The founders are eager and determined to turn this trend around and leave a growing legacy for Ayrshires. We are recruiting like-minded individuals, families, farmers, and others to join our cause.

Ayrshires are one of the most cost-effective breeds for dairy farmers, as the breed is known for efficiently producing large quantities of high-quality milk, primarily on a forage diet. These vigorous and hardy cows can be found grazing in the sun, rain, and cold while other breeds often seek shelter.

It is a resilient breed, adapting easily to cold climates and rugged environments, as well as varying management systems.

The combination of high butterfat concentration (4%) and protein (3.3%) in Ayrshire milk makes it ideal for cheese-making. The milk is well-suited for Italian cheeses and long-aged cheddars since it has the smallest fat globules of any breed.

In general, Ayrshires are characterized by high quality milk production, longevity, ease of management, and overall good health.

For more information about getting involved in the Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative, please visit the website, http://ayrshireambassadors.com/, or contact John Rodgers directly at (717) 250-8010. You can also find them on Facebook.

Ayrshire Ambassadors Cooperative