Binder Notes and Colors
Binder Notes and Colors

Binder Notes & Colors

from International Harvester, Farm Operating Equipment of 1919, loaned to SFJ by Danny Wingate

Binder Notes and Colors
The Z-shaped sill makes a stiff solid foundation for the knife.

Z-Shaped Steel Sill

The Z-shaped steel sill affords a solid foundation for the knife and prevents it from twisting, sagging, or springing. The knife works smoothly. The Z-shaped sill adds strength and rigidity to the cutter bar, which is especially advantageous when cutting on rough ground.

Binder Notes and Colors

McCormick Improved binder saves the short as well as the tall grain. The canvas is only ¾ inches above and 1 5/8 inches back of the knife.

Binder Notes and Colors
The reel in its high position. The height of the reel, B, is enough to take care of the tallest grain.

Adjustable Reel

The reel on the McCormick Improved binder has an unusually wide range of adjustment. Its high position is shown below.

The distance, B, is sufficient to handle the tallest of grain. The reel can be instantly adjusted, making it possible to save the grain under varying conditions.

Binder Notes and Colors
The pitman, C, is easily removed. The latch, B, holds the pitman on the pin, D.


Steady action is given the cutting knife by transmitting the power directly from the main wheel, through a countershaft, to the pitman. A high grade wooden pitman is used. It absorbs vibration and gives the knife steady action.

Binder Notes and Colors
The upper elevator canvas floats at corners A,B,C, and D.

Floating Elevator

The upper elevator which floats at points A,B,C, and D, at left, handles light and fluffy or heavy and green grain with the same degree of certainty. The back end of the elevator is open, which permits it to handle unusually tall grain without threshing the heads. Each corner of the elevator is held down by a spring. These springs give just enough to prevent undue strain on the various parts or unnecessary crowding of the grain.

Binder Notes and Colors

Canvas Adjusters

The platform canvas is provided with a handy tightening device which is operated from a lever on the rear of the platform. It is very convenient for putting on or taking off the canvas.

The rollers, E and F, are hinged, which make it possible to tighten or loosen the canvases with ease.

Binder Notes and Colors
Platform, canvas tightener, G. To loosen canvas move lever, H, to position, I.

The upper and lower elevating canvases are provided with hinged rollers at the bottom. These hinged rollers save time in putting on and removing the canvases.

Binder Notes and Colors

Woven Canvas Straps

The canvases on the McCormick binders are equipped with woven straps. The buckles are so constructed that slight changes in the tightness of the canvases can be made. Woven straps are more durable, stronger, and give better service than leather.

Various Sized Bundles

By an adjustment of the trip hook the bundles can be tied either large or small. Bundles tied tightly prevent the grain from scattering.

Elevator Always Square

A strong angle brace which forms a part of the heavy main frame of the binder, holds the elevators square at all times.

Binder Notes and Colors

Accessible Binding Mechanism

The various parts of the binding mechanism are unusually accessible. The driving clutch is located in front and is easy to get at. An opening in the deck makes other working parts accessible. Chain tightening adjustments are conveniently located.

Binder Notes and Colors
Front view of McCormick binder attachment. E, binder lock; F, binder lock adjustment; D, forged steel trip stop; G, binder clutch; Y, spring tension for trip, D.

Binding Attachment

The binding attachment has a wide range of adjustment. The bands can be placed from 10 to 24 inches from the butt of the bundles. This is a wide enough range of adjustment to permit the handling of grain under almost all conditions. The shifting of the binding attachment and setting of the butt adjuster can be done in an instant’s time from the operator’s seat.

Steel Platform

The steel platform of the McCormick Improved binder is so braced with angle braces that it is strong and does not sag, warp, or twist. A non-sag platform insures a smooth running platform canvas.

Butt Adjuster

The butt adjuster is made of two sections. Both sections vibrate in unison with the packers. The butt adjuster helps to keep the butts of the bundles square. Square butt bundles make shocks that stand.


The knotter has only two working parts. It is so simple and the adjustments are not delicate that almost anyone can keep it in working condition. The reason that no delicate adjustments are necessary is that the surface cord holder is unusually large. The surface holds the twine, yet it does not grip it too tightly to prevent the knotter from working properly. In tying a knot the cord holder feeds the twine toward the bill hook. This obviates the danger of breaking the twine.

Main Frame

The main frame is made entirely of heavy steel bars. It is trussed and braced like a bridge. It holds the working parts in the proper relation with each other, thus preventing undue wear. The strong main frame helps to reduce the draft and adds greatly to the life of the machine.

Roller Bearings

The McCormick Improved grain binder is equipped with self-aligning roller bearings. The use of these bearings together with a rigid frame, helps to make the McCormick light in draft.

Binder Notes and Colors