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Boer Goats
Boer Goats

Photo from South Africa’s Theuns Botha Herd.

Boer Goats

by Bud Eanes of Thomasville, NC

The introduction of the Boer Goat has stirred up a lot of interest in all sectors of agriculture. This breed is the most profitable section because of the growing ethnic groups in our country and those still coming into the U.S.A. These people were raised on goat meat as a source of protein. The demand for goat meat exceeds the supply; goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world. Goat meat is called chevon in Europe and cabrito in Latin America and Mexico. The Boer meat has better texture and flavor than regular brush goat meat. The Boer Goat was bred for the real world of grass and roughage including blackberry bushes, honeysuckle, kudzu vines, and weeds.

Boer Goats

Ideal Boer Billy.

The characteristics of Boer Goats are:

(1) Ability to survive under arid range conditions to lush pastures.

(2) No feedlot needed but can be fed to gain weight quickly.

(3) Low fat meat 2.58% fat-less fat than chicken. Meat is very lean and should be cooked slowly with moist heat.

Boer Goats

Ideal Boer Billy.

(4) Hardy and disease resistant. We recommend worming once a month in summer and every one and half months in fall and winter.

(5) Kidding is possible every eight months.

(6) Great mothering ability.

Boer Goats

Supreme Grand Champion top aged South Africa Boer Buck.

(7) Boer goats are very intelligent and very likeable. They are also very gentle.

(8) More profit per acre. In N.C., VA., S.C., etc. more tobacco and chicken farmers are putting in Boer Goats to clean up grass and weeds around ditches and production barns and houses.

(9) Don’t need a lot of big expensive equipment.

Boer Goats

Ideal Boer nanny.

(10) The Boer Goat matures out at: Billys 300 lbs to 425 lbs, Nannys 150 lbs to 290 lbs.

(11) Most nannys have two kids, some triplets.

The qualities of the Boer Goat are that they are very meaty, very gentle, easy birthing and hardy. The reason for the color pattern is that the maroon color head is to keep down glare from the sun and the white body does not soak up heat from the sun. The dark pigment in the skin protects it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Boer Goats

Boer Botha Herd sires.

The Boer Breed has its registry office in Texas known as International Boer Goat Association.

One of the main points about South African Boer Goats is that out of all meat goat breeds the Boer is the top meat producer whereas in the cattle business you have over 100 breeds of beef cattle that all compete for the beef dollar. This breed is like the country music song about the Right Face, Right Time, Right Place!

Boer Goats

Ideal line up. South African Boer Herd sires.

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