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Fearless Manure Spreader

Fearless Manure Spreader

Fearless Manure Spreader

from old literature for the Walter A. Wood Mowing & Reaping Machine Co., Hoosick Falls, NY

The patented circular beater of the “Fearless” manure spreader is the original and only wholly successful device that gives a positive, uniform, wide, even spread of manure.

This beater is not an attachment that requires additional power to operate it, but is a regular part of the construction of the spreader. It is remarkable for its simplicity, strength, and durability.

Fearless Manure Spreader

The foundation of the circular beater is a cold-rolled, steel shaft securely fastened at each end of the rear of the spreader box. This, incidentally, makes the red end of the box very firm and rigid. This shaft does not revolve, but forms a sort of a curved axle on which the beater revolves. The beater heads are connected by ball and socket joints which transmit the motion from one head to the other. The heads carry malleable castings onto which are fastened the beater blocks.

Fearless Manure Spreader

The great advantage of the circular beater is that it spreads more than twice its own width — away beyond the wheels on each side. This ability to spread wide saves time, makes unnecessary driving over the manure already spread, permits spreading close up against fences, trees, rows of corn and grapes, and other places which cannot be reached by straight beater machines.

The circular beater is imitated as closely as the patents allow but none of the imitations will give you the positive, uniform, wide, even spread of the Fearless.

The Circular Beater Tears Manure To Bits

Here’s the reason: In any straight beater the relative position of the various teeth or spikes is always the same. Not so in the “Fearless” circular beater. On the concave side of the circular beater, where the manure is first attacked, the teeth of the various sections interlock. As the beater revolves, the teeth separate. The effect of this is to tear the toughest manure to pieces as it passes over the beater, and accounts for much of the wonderful reputation of the “Fearless” for evenness of spread with the coarsest manure. No wonder that many of our customers have written that their meadows when spread over look like a carpet, free from the lumps left by other machines.

Fearless Manure Spreader

The Evenness Of The “Fearless” Spread Is Unequaled

Tearing up the manure so fine and throwing it so wide increase greatly the effective results for the manure. But the evenness of the spread all over the strip is the most important advantage of this beater, especially when you are looking for perfect fertilization. Adjustable to any depth of spread you’ll find the manure as thick on the edges as in the center of the strip. Such spreading seems to be impossible to many of the straight-beater type, the manure being heavily spread in the center, while the edges do not get enough.

Front And Rear Wheels Track

The front truck is full width, so both front and rear wheels track. This is made possible because of the narrow width of the “Fearless.” In wide manure spreaders the great length of the front axle would cause the pole to whip. Hence a narrow front truck is necessary. But such spreaders make four tracks, which increase their draft and compact twice the amount of soil.

Fearless Manure Spreader

Greatest Results With The “Fearless”

The “Fearless” will save you the greatest amount of time and labor. Your team walks only a little over half as far to spread the same amount of manure. It will give you the finest, most uniform distribution thereby fertilizing the soil more thoroughly and causing larger and better crops. Compare the “Fearless” on these vital points with any other and you will see that it is the best spreader for you to buy.

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