New York Times reports on findings of a quasi-scientific group affiliated with the United Nations. Their ‘qualified’ conclusion is that pollinators, including 20,000 species of wild bees and up to 16% of vertebrates like birds and bats, may be facing extinction. The primary threat is said to be farming and more specifically the exposure to pesticides with controversial chemicals, known as neonicotinoids, figuring prominently in the discussion. The group is made up of paid representatives of 124 countries including the U.S. and did not conduct new research but rather “synthesized” current studies and analysis to reach its wishy-washy conclusions. It should be noted that language was carefully couched, or spun, to say more research is required and that hasty conclusions shouldn’t be drawn. Odd that. On the one hand we are given a dire prognosis pointing to clear culprits while on the other hand told to be careful not to affix blame. If we “follow the money” we read that the chemical industry either applauds this report  or stands off to this side smiling and clapping. We have international tribunals dealing with crimes against humanity. Might be time to call for international tribunals to deal with crimes against biology. LRM