Growing Figs in Cold Climates
Growing Figs in Cold Climates

Growing Figs in Cold Climates

book review by Lynn R. Miller

Every so often a sweet new book comes along which carries its close-held knowledge of a subject beyond the edge, well into expansive new horizons of possibility. Lee Reich’s Growing Figs in Cold Climates is just such a book, right on target for the adventuresome heart of all small farmers ANYWHERE!

In the author’s words;

This fruit’s appeal also speaks to our more recent roots. Throughout the world, fig trees grace the yards of first, second, even third generation Italians, Greeks, Lebanese, and others of Mediterranean descent.

Primitive and ethnic roots aside, eyes light up pretty much everywhere when the prospect of being able to grow and harvest fresh figs is presented. It’s the flavor! And the texture! (Or as food scientists like to say, its “organoleptic” quality, a 50 cent word melding together a food’s flavor, texture, and anything else that contributes to its enjoyment.) A fresh fig is a totally different gustatory experience from a dried fig. Fresh the fruit is soft and juicy, with a honey sweet, rich flavor. Each variety of which there are many, differs slightly in their organoleptic profile.

If you already grow figs, this book will help you grow better or more figs, or be able to manage them more easily. If you haven’t yet experienced the rewards of growing figs, you have a treat in store for you. Read on, and learn how to grow figs in cold climate.

Growing Figs in Cold Climates

There is so darn much good info in this charming book. Perhaps the most dramatic examples come with ideas for protecting fig trees in really cold climates, from growing in containers, to swaddling, to the idea of laying down the tree in a trench and covering it during winter. It’s tricky but definitely worth the consideration and effort, and you’ll need this good book to show you how.

Growing Figs in Cold Climates

The author is a certified expert who is growing his own. He’s authored many horticultural books, has degrees in chemistry, soil science and a PhD in Horticulture. But all that said, he still excels at putting useful information together in forms that are accessible to everybody. This guy is very good at what he does, and each and everyone of us who grow food benefits directly and indirectly from his work.

A big thank you to you Lee Reich.

Growing Figs in Cold Climates, by Lee Reich
ISBN 9780865719576
Soft cover $24.99 (US)
New Society Publishers
PO Box 189
Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0

Growing Figs in Cold Climates