I & J Mfg Innovators of Horsedrawn Implements
I & J Mfg Innovators of Horsedrawn Implements
Heavy Duty Ground Drive PTO Forecart
• Two speeds (375/500 RPM @ 3.5mph)
• All enclosed oil-filled gear boxes
• 38” diameter wheels
• Suitable for running haybines, rotary cutters, etc.
• Optional brakes
• Optional 12v hydraulic power pack or gear pump/accumulator kit
• Optional wheel weights for more traction

I & J Mfg: Innovators of Horsedrawn Implements

by Lynn R. Miller of Fremont Canyon, OR

I & J Mfg. was started in 1986 in a 30 x 40 farm shop by Isaac and Jacob Blank. Isaac always had an eye for improving equipment needed to farm. Their location in Gap, PA, meant close proximity to one of the largest Amish farm communities.

Because of the demand, they started making cultivators. The chemicals traditionally used to control weeds were not working as well anymore. The rebirth of interest in mechanical weeding and cultivation was a boon to their early years. Today, I & J continues to build both horse-drawn and 3-point tractor cultivators.

I & J Mfg Innovators of Horsedrawn Implements

Around 1990, I & J started making self-contained ground drive hay rakes, and started making sickle bar mowers using superior component systems which featured a scissor-action with both the blades and guards moving (less plugging). They had great success with a trail mower design suitable for use behind forecarts or with tractors.

I & J Mfg Innovators of Horsedrawn Implements
An I & J Mfg. PTO Trail mower hitched to their heavy duty ground-drive forecart.

Over time, I & J made more products focusing on horse farming tools for everyone from the hobby/home gardener to serious farmers. Their efficient design of a heavy-duty ground-drive forecart suitable for haybines and balers brought accolades from farmers. And the success of their workmanship and designs, throughout their long line of tools, meant steady, moderate growth over many years.

I & J Mfg Innovators of Horsedrawn Implements
Ground drive mower requiring 2/3 less torque. I & J mowers operate very efficiently with a unique scissor cutting action that lets you mow with virtually no plugging. Clean cutting means faster regrowth. Working widths of 5-1?2, 7, 8 or 9 ft.

In 2009, I & J Mfg. started importing ESM sickle bar components which dramatically improved the basic hay mowers’ performance. Smoother operation meant less draft requirement which in turn led to a revolutionary new self-contained ground-drive mower made available in 2011. This was to be the first such successful design since the mid-twentieth century. I & J Mfg. offers kits to retrofit other mowers with their excellent sickle bar system.

Small farmers are well served by I & J Manufacturing.