John Deere No 919 Corn Drill
John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

John Deere No. 919 Corn Drill

Directions for Setting Up

First couple the front and back frames together. Then put on the wheels. The right-hand wheel is the driver, and is held in place by means of a large spring cotter, while the left-hand wheel is held by the two collars, one on each side of the wheel. See that the wheels are in line with the runners. On planter set at 28” adjustment, the inside collar must be removed in order to get left-hand wheel in line with runner.

Remove bolts from the rear end of tongue. Bolt the tongue to tongue castings on front frame, and put on the tongue braces. For a team of average size, tongue casting should be in the center adjustment, raising or lowering according to the size of the team so that the front runs level. See illustration on No. 919A High-Wheel Drill.

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

Remove the seat bow braces from the bundle in which they are tied. Now bolt the seat-bow to the front of cross brace in front of axle with bolts found therein but do not draw nuts tight yet. (See cut No. 1.) Bolt seat-bow braces from hole in frame between axle and scraper bar to the bolt in seat-bow. Now draw all nuts tight.

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

Remove cotter from lower end of spring rod and pass the rod down through rear tongue bracket, keeping small cast washer on top of bracket and large washer under same. (See cut No. 1.) For No. 919A High-Wheel Drill, see cut No. 2. By throwing the lever forward, so as to compress the spring, this may be easily done. If fertilizer attachment is to be used, see special directions sent with same.

Bolt on the seat, adjusting to suit. Attach scraper pedal and rod. Put the scrapers on loosely; raise the pedal up half-way; bring the scrapers up to the wheels and clamp them fast.

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

Bolt on the chain tightener to rear of cross brace and put on the chain, threading it through the tightener (cut No. 3), using sixty links on low-wheel planter and seventy links on high-wheel planter. Attach Y3083 foot shifter casting to foot shifter. If disk marker is used, bolt marker bracket to rear of back frame. For an automatic marker, or double-disk marker, see special directions sent with same.

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

Throw-Out Lever

Bolt throw-out lever between gear case bracket and center tie. (See cuts 4 and 5.)

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

Attaching Hoppers

The hoppers are shipped in a separate crate. They are not made in rights and lefts. To attach them, first remove pin from the wide hinge. Place the hopper in position on top of the gear ring and insert the pin through both parts of the hinge, replacing the small split key. Hopper is fastened at the rear by means of an eyebolt and thumb nut on rear of the shank.

To change seed plates, unscrew thumb-nut sufficiently to allow hopper to be tipped over to the front. Release false bottom plate by drawing back on flat spring. Seed plate may then be removed and the desired one put in its place, after which the false plate is snapped back under the spring and the hopper fastened in vertical position.

The regular plate equipment includes four sets of plates and is made up of those which our experience shows meet the average requirements.

Be sure to use the size of plates adapted to your corn, small, medium or large, as marked on the plates. If corn is exceptionally wide, it is advisable to reverse false bottom plate Y2601 so that grooved side will be up. This deepens the seed cell.

Keep all nuts tight. At first, it would be well to use kerosene oil to cut the paint and varnish, after which a limited amount only of the best machine oil should be used.

Adjusting the Width

Adjust one side at a time. Remove the four bolts holding runner shank and runner brace to frame sills and take out the bolt holding the pinion on drill shaft. On No. 919A High-Wheel Drill take out bolts in front frame extension also. After adjusting to the desired width, replace the bolts and draw nuts tightly. Set the wheels in line with the runner.

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill

Special Plates Furnished

Plates for peas, beans, kafir corn, sorghum, milo maize, etc., can be used in this planter without any different cut-off than those used for ordinary corn, as the construction of the cut-off and seed plates permits a close fit in these parts, which will not allow the seed getting in these joints, as has been the case in other planters.

Special plates, as mentioned, and plates to plant certain distances can be furnished on request.

John Deere No 919 Corn Drill