One tinker/farmer valued broken handles. She saw them as profit and evidence. Pitchfork handles, hammer handles, shovel handles. She reused them where possible. She rejoiced when not possible because it meant a bird poop dance. See, she planted the discard handles in her garden with best end pointing up and did a little private dance. She rejoiced that the birds would have another perch to poop on. But her well organized and conscientious neighbors labelled her ‘hippy hater’ because she refused to explain herself or be used as a conference example. She even insisted that bird poop dances be done at night with no one watching. “She must be a witch” they said because she will not join us in our just cause to right the wrongs. “Or worse, she’s probably a republican!” The inquisition mentality which says you are with us or you are against us is used without artistry by the Rifkinesque mob leaders of the politically correct as well as the Donalds.

Last time we looked in that special place we look to, logic was subject to context and interpretation and had no direct fertilizing value.

The concepts of business finance ala Dun & Bradstreet or extension MBA courses have less than no value for the farmer who worships his work and fertility. Because those plastic concepts scream out “there is no Return on Investment from Worship!”

Some of the nicest people I know think they are environmentalists. The bumper sticker said “Friends don’t let friends.” I refuse to rent you out. Ah, but the lawyers and members of the boards of the largest well-oiled environmental organizations barter for power and in the process are culpable for your entire list of ‘but we don’ts…’

To care passionately, even militantly, about the environment, does not automatically make you a member of this ‘thing’ (this body politic) that has come to steal the word ‘environmentalist’ just as the politicos at USDA have stolen the word ‘sustainable’.

Oh and by the way, Birkenstocks are out. I read where the new Roccoco Marxists will only don footwear made from the skins of windfall fruit!