McCormick-Deering All Steel Corn Sheller
McCormick-Deering All Steel Corn Sheller

McCormick-Deering All-Steel Corn Sheller (one-hole)

CAUTION!! Machines must not be operated above their rated speed as this is dangerous and will result in excessive wear and breakage.


The “right” side of the machine is the crank side or the side having the short shaft projecting with a countersunk hole for the crank set screw.

McCormick-Deering All Steel Corn Sheller

Remove paint from end of crank shaft and put on crank. Secure with set screw, seeing that point of screw goes into the countersunk hole in shaft. Remove paint from end of long shaft on left side of machine.

For Fan Shellers: Place fan drive sheave No. 2015 in place with the number to the outside. Put fan belt over drive sheave and fan pulley. This belt should run crossed. See illustration. Tighten set screw in sheave. The point of the screw should come in the key-way. Now slip flywheel on shaft and tighten screw.

Loosen all bearings by applying kerosene and turning the machine. Then oil with a good grade of lubricating oil.

McCormick-Deering All Steel Corn Sheller

The seed corn tipper may be used with or without the belt drive. When the belt drive is used, the seed corn tipper goes on the crank shaft. When the crank is used, the seed corn tipper goes on the end of the flywheel shaft. Attached by means of set screw. (See illustration No. 3.)

The feed table is bolted in position as shown in illustration No. 2. The heads of the carriage bolts should be inside the hopper.

McCormick-Deering All Steel Corn Sheller

Adjustments: The rag iron may be adjusted in two directions; an up-and-down movement and a side movement. By looking at illustration No. 4 it will be noted that the picker and stripper wheels and the rag iron form a triangular opening for the ear to pass through. The size of this opening should be made to suit the size of the ears by tightening or loosening the machine bolt (rag iron tension bolt) shown in the same illustration with the wrench applied.

In adjusting the size of the opening, the rag iron should be kept central with the picker and stripper wheels. This is done be removing the nut from the lower bolt in rag iron spring and hopper and moving the top in either direction as required. (See illustration No. 5.) In extremely large corn set the rag iron over toward the stripper wheel.

McCormick-Deering All Steel Corn Sheller

To obtain the best results in shelling, the machine should be run so that the crank makes about forty-five (45) revolutions per minute or the pulley shaft one hundred and seventy-five (175) revolutions per minute. When driving with belt be sure that this speed is maintained, as any speed in excess of this will have a tendency to cause the shelled corn to pass out with the cobs. The ears should be fed into the sheller point first.

After the operator has shelled several bushels of corn he should be able to make the adjustments to best suit conditions.


The following attachments are shipped “when ordered”:

The basket holder is attached as shown in illustration No. 3. When not in use, it may be folded down.

The pulley for belt drive is attached to the fly-wheel shaft by means of the set screw.