This piece on the McCormick-Deering originally appeared in Volume 28 Issue 3 of the Small Farmer’s Journal and is copyrighted in this form thereto.
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All bearings and moving parts should be lubricated as indicated in Illustration 1.



This Trailing Lime Spreader is designed to be operated with the fans level when the wagon or truck is empty.

The length of drawbars should be adjusted by using the holes in rear end so that front edge of hopper will just clear the wagon or truck bed.

The holes in hitch clamp, together with the holes in quadrant, provide adjustment for leveling the spreader.



To avoid unnecessary wear on parts, throw spreader out of gear when transporting.

At a speed of five miles per hour, the width of cast is approximately 21 feet, while a slower speed will give a lesser cast.

The amount of material spread per acre is regulated by slides in the bottom of hopper and the speed of travel. Both slides should be opened the same distance to obtain an equal distribution of material.

When feed openings are set at 2 ¼”, this machine will spread approximately two tons of crushed limestone per acre when traveling at a speed of five miles per hour. This quantity will vary, depending upon the weight of the material and its condition, particularly the moisture content.

For maximum service a speed not exceeding five miles per hour is recommended.



Lubricate all bearings and moving parts as you proceed, and see that they work freely.

Bolts must be used in the holes in which they are found, or in parts to which they are attached, unless otherwise shown. Leave nuts loose until all parts of any assembly are in place, then tighten.

Shaded portions in illustrations show parts to be assembled; these must be placed on machine in the order numbered.

Wherever the terms “Right” and “Left” are used, it should be understood to mean from a position behind and facing the machine.

We reserve the right to make changes or improvements in the design or construction of any part without incurring the obligation to install such changes on any machine previously delivered.

See Illustration 3

1.With drawbars straddling the quadrant, bolt rear end of drawbars to pivot strap and quadrant.

2. Remove pins from ends of axle. Put on wheels. (Washer must be in place between cotter in axle and inner end of each wheel hub.) The ratchet caps are right and left and must be so placed. Replace pins through ratchet caps and axle. Secure pins with cotters.

3. Remove set screws, agitator pins, spacer collar and cupped washer from agitator shaft. Put hopper in place and bolt it to bed angle. Put felt washer in cupped washer and place on agitator shaft with felt washer next to hopper bottom. Replace spacer collar, agitator pins and set screws in agitator shaft. See Illustration 3A.

4. Bolt brace to front end of hopper and to quadrant.

5. Assemble hitch clamp on rear cross member of wagon or truck bed.

6. Hitch spreader to hitch clamp.


The following contain parts list and illustrations of “exploded” views of the various units disassembled so that parts wanted may be readily located.



Ref. No. Description
1 Hopper, cp.
2 Carriage bolt, 5/16 x 5/8”
3 Square nut, 5/16”
4 Standard lock washer, 5/16”
5 Quantity slide
6 Carriage bolt, 5/16 x ¾”
7 Wing nut
8 Washer, 13/32” rd. hole x 7/8” x 16 ga.
9 Hopper brace, front
10 Machine bolt, ½ x 1 ¼”
11 Lock washer, ½”
12 Square nut, ½”
1 Main axle
2 Frame, cp.
3 Pin
4 Washer
5 Cotter, ¼ x 2”
6 Lubrication fitting, 1/8”, straight
7 Cotter, 1/8 x ¾”
8 Pin
9 Axle box
10 Chain tightener arm
11 Chain tightener roller
12 Washer plate
13 Cotter, 3/16 x 1”
14 Chain tightener spring
15 Drive sprocket
16 Set screw, ½ x 1” N.C. (sq. hd., cup point)
17 Drive chain, 27 No. 55 steel links
18 Set screw, ½ x ¾” N.C. (sq. hd., cup point)
19 Axle collar
20 Chain tightener spring anchor pin
21 Washer
1 Fan blade, R.H.
2 Agitator finger
3 Spacer
4 Agitator shaft
5 Set screw, 3/8 x ½” N.C. (sq. hd., cup point)
6 Lubrication fitting, 1/8”, straight
7 Agitator bevel gear bearing bracket
8 Square nut, 3/8”
9 Lock washer, 3/8”
10 Machine bolt, 3/8 x 1 ¼”
11 Machine bolt, 3/8 x 1 ½”
12 Lock washer 3/8”
13 Square nut, 3/8”
14 Cotter, 3/16 x 1 ½”
15 Washer
16 Fan bevel pinion
17 Lubrication fitting, 1/8”, straight
18 Fan bevel gear
19 Pin
20 Cotter, 1/8 x ¾”
21 Throw-out cam
22 Clutch spring
23 Clutch yoke cp. with shaft
24 Washer
25 Countershaft bearing with fan shaft
26 Driving pins
27 Stay pin
28 Washer
29 Cotter, ¼ x 1 ½”
30 Countershaft
31 Cupped washer
32 Felt washer
33 Pin
34 Cotter, 1/8 x ¾”
35 Pin
36 Lock washer, 3/8”
37 Machine bolt, 3/8 x 1 ¼”
38 Square nut, 3/8”
39 Shifter clutch
40 Drive sprocket clutch
41 Fan blade, L.H.
42 Lubrication fitting, 1/8”, straight
43 Agitator bevel gear
44 Agitator bevel pinion
45 Fan gear guard, L.H.
46 Fan gear guard, R.H.
47 Yoke shaft cam pin


1 Steel wheel with lugs
2 Wheel lug
3 Ratchet cap, L.H.
4 Pawl for left hub cap
5 Spring
6 Wheel, less hub (for pneumatic tire)
7 Wheel, with hub (for pneumatic tire)
8 Hub for pneumatic tire wheel
9 Machine bolt, 7/16 x 1 ¼”
10 Lock washer, 7/16”
11 Square nut, 7/16”
12 Ratchet cap, R.H.
13 Pin
14 Cotter, 1/8 x ¾”
15 Spring
16 Pawl for right hub cap
1 Machine bolt, ½ x 1 ¾”
2 Machine bolt, ½ x 2”
3 Drawbar
4 Lock washer, ½”
5 Square nut, ½”
6 Hitch pin
7 Quack-attachable cotter
8 Spacer
9 Hitch clamp, lower
10 Machine bolt, 5/8 x 4” (2 5/8” thread)
11 Square nut, 5/8”
12 Lock washer, 5/8”
13 Hitch clamp, upper
14 Hitch clamp eyebolt