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Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake
Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake

Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake


Having unpacked the rake, place wheels on rake head temporarily, being sure to grease the axle. Connect thill frame to rake head; bolt trip lever bracket in place on beam and connect trip rods. See that the trip lever works freely. Secure wheels on axles, with washer R134 and cotter.

Bolt hand lever bracket on beam, also foot lever bracket on thill frame in-holes that places foot lever connections in the line with hand lever bracket.

Next put the rake teeth in place, being careful that the tooth clamps are bolted solidly.

For two horses, bolt thills to under side of thill frame and connect pole extension to front end of thills. For one horse, bolt thills to top of thill frame.

Secure oval cleaner bars to cleaner rod holders on under side of cleaner bar angle. Connect the two cleaner tie rods about 6” from rake head, on top side of cleaner bars, the right angle bend at end of tie rods to point to the ground and to the rear.

Secure seat spring and brace to top of thill frame; also the singletree support, the bend down, to under side of thill frame; the hammer strap on top of seat spring.

Keep all bolts tight; oil all running parts freely.

The thills are shown arranged as a pole for two horses. To arrange them for one horse, connect to upper side of each angle as illustrated by dotted lines.

Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake


Should the teeth press too heavily upon the ground, shorten the connecting strap in hand lever bracket, by moving hold-up hook rearwardly.

In raking, put the foot on foot lever to keep the teeth to the ground.

For traveling on the road, the hold-up hook on the side of hand lever bracket can be hooked over foot lever roller when the teeth are raised from the ground.

Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake
Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake
Moline Milwaukee Hay Rake

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