Mule Powered Wrecker Service

Mule-Drawn Wrecker Service

(A few years back) I received a letter from one of my good friends, Mike Atkins, and a set of photographs which tickled me to the foundations of my horse-world knowledge. Mike is a superb horseman, a goshdarn good muleman and one of the two dozen funniest men in Ohio. This will only add fuel to those late night discoursians about the relative merits of horses over mules or viciversy. Is the horse the smarter one for hitching a ride or is the mule the smarter one for recognizing the political opportunity which this all represents? In any event these boys know what they are doing, or should, so don’t try this at home without horse tranquilizers. Remember that politics is a luke warm bowl of thin soup. – LRM

A special thanks to you for the great Labor Day weekend at Carriage Hill. Working on that new Pioneer plow with you was a very memorable experience. I, too, have found a good friend and I am honored by that friendship.

Farming continues to be more and more expensive. As my brother, my son, and I contemplated side lines to augment our farm income, we think we have a viable solution; “Wrecker Service.” We come upon this idea while training a neighbor’s horse. This particular horse lacked the “stamina” to make it back to the barn by his own power. See enclosed pictures, (yes, there is more to the story), I don’t think we’ll get rich, but we sure have something to laugh about.

Proud to be called your friend,

Mike Atkins
Lucasville, OH