Dear Lynn and Miller Family.

Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep SFJ going, and to practice and promote small farming. It is truly a labor of love, for both family and the land. Far more than a “job” or “career”, it is a lifestyle, one that requires daily wholehearted commitment.

We, as a multi-generational farming family, also share in this endeavor. Gardening, farming, and raising Heritage breeds while practicing a simpler daily life provides us with the opportunity to harvest wholesome foods, enjoy a healthy life, (albeit a hard-working one), and take care of our planet in a small way.

Although the efforts and accomplishments of an individual may seem insignificant, when combined with those of many like-minded others, we can and do make a difference. To all those hard-working fellow farmers out there, I say, “Thank you”! Don’t give up, know that you are appreciated, and your work is valued.

Cheerfully yours,
Kat Zapel
Moxee WA

P.S. Thank you for holding fast and refusing to go “corporate/mass media/mainstream.” Our way is the better way.