World Draft Cattle Symposium

Call for Papers and Displays

World Draft Cattle Symposium

World Draft Cattle Symposium

March 8-9th 2024

Lauresham Open-Air Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology

(UNESCO World Heritage Site Lorsch Abbey)

From March 8th to 9th 2024, the first World Draft Cattle Symposium will take place in Lorsch (Germany). The aim of the symposium is to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary overview of the current state of research and knowledge on the topic of cattle traction (with both bulls, oxen as well as cows) in agriculture, transportation, irrigation and crop-processing. At the same time it will discuss important new concepts regarding the future relevance of draft cattle as working animals in a global context and also as part of a sustainable future. The conference will be divided into a conference day with paper and poster presentations and a practical workshop day, culminating in the debut of a fascinating new museum exhibition on the cultural history of yokes worldwide.

Proposals Due: September 30, 2023

For more information: Download the PDF

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