Hello to all the good Folks at SFJ

I have had the privilege of receiving your fine magazine for about the last thirty years, and have now come to a point in life where I have to do some downsizing. Have too many irons in the fire and plan to concentrate the next few years the Lord might grant me in wood working.

Am sending a check for $70 asking that you supply a subscription to a few young, needy, future farmers. Through schools or direct, you decide. For a young farmer, there is no better document to be read, consumed, digested, and applied.

I also have about 98% of all the back issues if anyone wants to come to my farm and pick them up. I started sometime in the early 80’s and it’s been a year since my subscription ran out. Have enjoyed every issue and have learned a lot.

Thank you again for the years of education, support and some great thought provoking articles. And I do thank the Lord for your bold position, please keep up the great work.

Alan J. Wilson
Cleveland, WI