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Ohio Corn Husking


I’ve written this the best I know how and these pictures are all the best ones that my wife Sue took.

All the fellows pictured enjoy using their teams and there were several others involved who didn’t get pictured – but all will enjoy seeing Ohio in your magazine. Especially Glen Kieffer!

I only take one magazine and it’s yours. Plus the folks out at the Wyandot Co. Nursing Home look them over after I do. They stir up many memories for them. Keep up the good work.

Bob Couch of Harpster, OH

Ohio Corn Husking
Birds eye view of the contest field.

Ohio Corn Husking

Some of central Ohio’s finest draft teams and teamsters gathered on the second weekend in October to participate in the Ohio State Hand Corn Husking Contest. Held at the Wyandot County Fairgrounds in Upper Sandusky, winners of each age group then travelled to Missouri where this year’s national competition was held. I understand 16 states were represented in final matches.

Ohio Corn Husking
Jim Troxel’s Haflingers did their part in their first field duties.

The fairgrounds and the Koehler-Winter’s farm next to it were humming with activities related to the harvest season and otherwise. Folks made apple butter, soups, and crafts; held a farmer’s market; conducted buggy driving competition; displayed lots of antique equipment and vehicles; demonstrated tractor and horse plowing; and ate and ate and ate. Our teams pulled the husking wagons, hauled spectators, and plowed several acres of stubble. The most impressive plowing was done by Charlie Adams from Deleware County. Charlie, who makes his fortune logging with his team, borrowed a team each from Don Kaelber and Glen Kieffer, then put the six head on a two bottom plow with excellent results. Eddie Curren and Dave White each supplied a team of mules to power their Oliver plows and Wilber George came all the way from the Canton area with a dandy team of Belgians going ahead of his walking plow. Thanks to all who participated in any way, especially to Glen Kieffer who organized teamsters and helped coordinate the activities.

Ohio Corn Husking
I had the only span of mules husking corn but 2 nice teams came to plow later on.

No one could have asked for better weather, a better crowd of spectators, and things to interest just about anyone. Many people with no interest in the old art of husking corn found things of interest and had a good time.

By the Grace of God, Bob Couch

Ohio Corn Husking
Troxel’s Haflingers are pulling a Tiffin wagon gear with a box built by Glen Kieffer.
Ohio Corn Husking
Apple Butter – one of the numerous “other events.”
Ohio Corn Husking
Two great minds planning the day. Charlie Adams (left) uses his horses for logging as well as plowing. Glen Kieffer (right) is responsible for organizing the teams for the annual event, corn husking contest.
Ohio Corn Husking
As Roy Asbury holds the lines, the judge and “gleaner” help a husker conquer the toughest part of the contest for many folks, i.e., getting in!
Ohio Corn Husking
Paul Frey’s Belgian team are a real asset every year.
Ohio Corn Husking
Charlie Adam’s gang plow doing a splendid job behind 6 Belgian partners.

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