Oliver No 2 Improved Walking Cultivator

Oliver No. 2 Improved Walking Cultivator

Oliver No 2 Improved Walking Cultivator
Oliver No 2 Improved Walking Cultivator

This cultivator has many features which farmers everywhere know to be desirable. Its extremely simple construction is combined with unusual strength and durability. Light in draft and easily operated it makes cultivation work easy for man and team.

Operation Made Easy

A distinct advantage of this cultivator is the ease with which it is controlled. This ease of control is produced by springs which counterbalance the weight of the gangs against the weight of the tongue, eliminating neck weight and making it easy to lift the gangs or swing them to or from the row.

Perfect Balance

The weight of the Oliver No. 2 Improved Cultivator is not thrown on the horses’ necks when the gangs are raised because the wheels are placed far enough back of the arch to balance the weight of the gangs. This affords perfect balance of the cultivator whether the gangs are raised or lowered.

Proper Suck

Gangs have proper suck for various soil conditions. This makes it unnecessary for the operator to bear down on the handles to secure penetration.

Thorough Cultivation

Since it requires only slight effort on the part of the operator to shift the gangs to or from the row it is possible to practically hoe the row with the No. 2 Improved Cultivator.