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Poultry Houses

Poultry Houses

Poultry House

Straw Loft Type – No. 401

The straw loft type house affords an insulated ceiling with ventilation up through the straw and out of the openings in the gables. It is important that the straw be changed periodically to prevent breeding of disease. The roof is of wood shingles; walls of drop siding. The straw is laid over 1×6 which are spaced.

Poultry House

Shed Roof Type – No. 402

This type of roof is recommended by poultry experts. Butterfly ventilators, pivoted at the ends, provide good ventilation at the highest point along the ceiling. Walls are covered with drop siding; roof with roll roofing.

Both houses are the same except for roof construction. Floors are on concrete laid over hollow tile on gravel fill. Windows are provided with draft shields and tip in. Additional ventilating sash are located in rear walls under dropping boards. Nests are made so that they are easily removed from wall for cleaning the roosts or made so that they may be raised over dropping boards for the same purpose. They are counter-weighted to make the raising operation easy. Insulation and lining are recommended with both houses.

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