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Row 7 Seeds
Row 7 Seeds

Row 7 Seeds

Row 7 is a unique new seed company grounded in ‘the notion that deliciousness might just change the world.’ A seed company built by chefs and breeders striving to make ingredients taste better before they ever hit a plate. It’s a collaboration—a cross-pollination— based on a simple premise: they believe flavor can succeed where commodification has failed. That it can change how we all eat and, in turn, how we might grow. So if you’re a chef, a breeder, a farmer, a gardener, an eater, an enthusiast or maybe some combination of those things, then there’s a seat at the table at Row 7 for you, and space in the rows and on the line. It’s a work in progress. Flavor is never finished. And Row 7 is just getting started.

Row 7 Seeds
Breaking cukes out of the banal, this experimental green slicer explores the bold and complex flavors long forgotten in cucumbers. 58 days to maturity.
Row 7 Seeds

Words direct from Row 7


Long before a cookbook is cracked—even before farmers sow their fields—the plant breeder writes a recipe for our ingredients. The problem? Flavor isn’t usually on the list. Too often, breeders are asked to select for yield, shelf life and uniformity at the expense of good food, nutrition and our environment. What if, instead, we started with what’s delicious?

Row 7 Seeds
The Row 7 Team: CHEFS + BREEDERS. Created by chef Dan Barber, breeder Michael Mazourek, and seedsman Matthew Goldfarb, Row 7 aspires to grow far beyond our founders. We work in the field and kitchen alongside chefs, breeders, growers and eaters who share our mission to reimagine food from the ground up.


Seven years ago—almost by accident—chef Dan Barber challenged vegetable breeder Michael Mazourek to build a better butternut squash. For Michael, it was the first time that someone had asked him to breed for flavor. For Dan, it was the discovery of a new kind of recipe—one that begins with the seed.

Row 7 Seeds


Think: potatoes so creamy you don’t need butter. A squash so packed with flavor, it doesn’t require maple syrup to make it delicious. And, it turns out, when you select for flavor, you’re most likely selecting for nutrition, too. Flavor and aroma compounds—the same ones that make tomatoes so mouthwatering—often derive from essential nutrients. It’s nature’s way of telling us what we should be eating.

Row 7 Seeds
CERTIFIED ORGANIC (F1 HYBRID) BUTTERNUT 661: Designed to bring the best qualities of the Honeynut to the processing industry, Butternut 661 offers the same concentrated flavor, dry matter and beta-carotene in a larger, longer-storing package. 110 days to maturity.


Vegetable seeds come in small packets, but our ambition is to create big changes in how we eat and in turn how we grow. Tastier food, healthier soil, more diverse and nutritious diets for as many people as possible. In other words, a revolution.

Every single seed we sell is:

  • certified organic
  • non-gmo
  • unpatented
  • produced in the U.S.A.

For more information or to order seeds: www.row7seeds.com


Row 7 Seeds
CERTIFIED ORGANIC (F1 HYBRID) ROBIN’S KOGINUT SQUASH: An arranged marriage between two of our favorite squash, this stately little pumpkin offers the best of both: sweetness, smooth texture, storability, yield and a built-in ripeness indicator to ensure it’s picked for peak flavor. 110 days to maturity. Each Robin’s Koginut seed sold supports public plant breeding research at Cornell University.
Row 7 Seeds
BADGER FLAME BEET: All the vegetal sweetness of the beet, without the polarizing earthiness — the brilliant Badger Flame is here to redeem the beet’s dirty reputation. 80 days to maturity, 55 days for small beets. Each Badger Flame seed sold supports public plant breeding research at University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Row 7 Seeds
CERTIFIED ORGANIC (OPEN POLLINATED) BEAUREGARDE SNOW PEA: Bred to bring more flavor (and more purple) to purple peas, these high-anthocyanin, wavy-podded snow peas hold their vibrant color when cooked. Wait for small peas to develop in the pod to reach full flavor potential. 60-80 days to maturity, depending on planting date. Average 125 seeds/oz., 2,000 seeds/lb. Each Beauregarde seed sold supports public plant breeding research at Cornell University.

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