Silver King Tractors
Silver King Tractors

Silver King Tractors

THE SILVER KING 3-WHEEL TRACTOR – A great, modern all-purpose tractor combining plenty of brute strength with flashing performance, with year-after-year economy, with outstanding speed and flexibility. 25 H.P. at 1400 R.P.M.

THE SILVER KING 4-WHEEL TRACTOR – Five and one-half miles an hour actual speed in heavy duty operation! Twenty-five miles an hour pulling a loaded trailer on the highway. Yet with all its thrilling speed and versatility, it’s got what it takes to do the tough jobs. 25 H.P. at 1400 R.P.M.


THE SILVER KING – MORE work at LESS cost. You don’t have to consider a “small type” tractor to get the desired economical operations you want on your farm, for the Silver King gives you SPEED, POWER, ECONOMY in a REGULAR SIZE tractor.

The 1938 SILVER KING is more than a NAME. It’s constructed right – only the best materials are used throughout, and the workmanship is of the highest quality. From end to end – the 1938 Silver King gives you more desired features than any other tractor. Accessible – easy to drive – the Silver King makes work a pleasure.

Extra POWER for the EXTRA PULL will be found in the Silver King. Power that is fast and economical – Power that responds to any operation – from tillage tools to harvest.

MODERN – means improved engineering design – giving you the better things on a tractor which you’ve never had before. The best way to be convinced with the Silver King is to SEE it. You’ll agree that it’s the BEST tractor you can buy for your Tractor Dollar.

Four speeds forward and one reverse – made possible by this great modern transmission system. Timken and New Departure Bearings. All gears and shafts, high grade alloy steel. Automotive type gear shift lever. Compare what you see here with the transmission in other tractors.

Bull Gear, Pinion and Brake Assembly, showing brakes and partial view of sturdy construction.