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Work Horse Handbook • The original has become a classic and THE standard reference on working horses. The second edition will expand that reputation with hundreds of new drawings and photographs to illustrate the expanded text. From care and feeding thru hitching and driving: every aspect is covered. New subjects and material include; extensive equipment coverage including forecart advances, synthetic harnesses, new hitch gear apparatus, additional training and procedural information, care and feeding additions, additional breeds coverage, plus an expansive source directory.

Training Workhorses / Training Teamsters • The Second Edition of Training Workhorses / Training Teamsters, now in COLOR, covers such subjects as understanding horses; training horses to work in harness; correcting behavior problems with work horses; care and feeding of work horses; training tips for every age of horse, from imprinting newborn foals to starting older horses; harness and bits; harnessing; the dynamics of pulling; learning to drive horses and driving dynamics.

Old Man Farming; Essays of a Rewarded Life • A vital and engaging set of essays focused on organic farming, rural communities, small scale agriculture, animal-powered systems, local foods, young dreams, advantages of maturity and right livelihood. Laced with anecdotes and asides gathered from four plus decades of working the land, listening to those who love farming and swatting at the flies of modern society.

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