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Glass Horse


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Lynn Miller mixes volcanology, dog tricks, new-age farming, comedy, romance, mercenary musings, and post-modern Robin Hood hijinks in his latest release, the novel The Glass Horse. Set in the mythic Central Oregon town of Mascara, this fast-paced romp repeatedly slams attempts at deeper meaning against loose-jointed entertainment. Farmers and ranchers with rich artistic and political backgrounds work underground to sabotage the finances of global corporations until their successes bring on “corrective” action by enforcers of every stripe. Laid over the top of this intrigue are the movements, emotions and failings of a bizarre tangle of memorable characters weaving beneath and above a ripping good tale.

In the words of Vermont author Charles Capaldi “(The Glass Horse) sticks with you like a bowl of oatmeal on a long ride to the stock yard… This is a novel to be read as much with the eyes as with the inner ear… a post card from the agrarian edge.”

And award-winning Seattle Poet Paul Hunter adds…”(The Glass Horse is ) …like a baleen whale with mouth wide open going twenty knots, trolling for the whole of life.”

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