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by Lynn R. Miller – Long out of print. Starting Your Farm is the renamed and updated 2nd edition of the popular and useful Buying and Setting Up a Small Farm or Ranch. This large illustrated book offers some uniquely modern and helpful information geared towards assisting people to “land” a new small farm operation of their own. Beginning with the “what fors” and “where fors”, and walking carefully through the pitfalls and challenges of the looking and buying process, this book could save the prospective farm buyer time, money and headache. If you are dreaming of a small “working” place in the country where you can grow your own food, and some to sell, this book will help mold your dreams into a working plan of action. If you’re into the process of trying to buy a farm and stymied by all the gibberish and forms and sales people, this book should even the odds for you. 196 pages of thoughtful insight for folks trying to figure out how to proceed with their small farm dream. Soft cover.

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