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Vol. 25, No. 4 – Fall 2001


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Our 100th Issue!

Tools for Santa Isabel, Old Tip Over, Home Made Collar or Neck Measuring Device, Working or Farm Collar Styles, Homemade Range Poultry Feeder, Corn Planters, Evener Measurements, Seeding Machinery for Small Grains, The Mower; A Poem, Homemade Orchard Ladder, Homemade Blacksmith’s Forge, Range Waterer for Poultry, Blacksmithing Secrets, Teamsters Roundtable: part two, Packing in Building Materials, George Miller, Manhatten Farmer’s Market, Wes Jackson’s Story, A very Big Change, Timid Green’s Timidity, Oh, C-Caty the Cow, Do You want Your Brood Mare to Foal Early, Foal Diseases: Pneumonia, Elephant Call, Cow Vet, Strawberries, Livery & Feed, Great Grandfather Cooper’s Hop Farm, Humus & the Farmer: part seven, The Moon & Andy: Moon Phases and Farming

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