Vol. 26, No. 2 – Spring 2002


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Cultivating questions with Anne & Eric Nordell, Ridge-till revisited, Tours at Beach Grove Farm, Dick & Sharon Thompson – Ridge Till Pioneers, Figs, Indigo, Erosion Controls (part 2), The Cutting Edge – solar powered chain saw, Healing Harvest Forest Foundation, A Life Apart and Whole, Walsh No Buckle Harness, Oliver two way plow, Plowing Big with Mules – The Shenandoah Hitch, Children on the farm, Tuki’s Hubcap, Farmer’s Phoenix, Teamster Roundtable 2002 (part 1), A Kentucky Girl’s Introduction to Small Town Idaho, A True Friend, Ask A Teamster – kicking into a quarter strap, Working Horses Successfully – Horsedrawn Circle Letter, Javas: An Ideal Homestead Bird, Pollo Real Pastured Poultry, When Horse & Teamster Ruled the Land, The Barn, Various Poetry

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