Vol. 26, No. 3 – Summer 2002


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Cultivating Questions – Alternative Tillage & Inter-Seeding Techniques by Anne & Eric Nordell, Sudex in Lettuce, Spinach & Peas, The Natural Barnyard, Herbs & Herbal Treatments, The Staff of Life, The First Year, Milk & Cheese Go Down With Ease, Corn Crib Plans, Wheat Harvest Family Album, From Horse Manure to Cash – Mushrooms, Erosion Control (part 3), Dufur Threshing Bee, Happ’s Plowing Match, Milk House Plans, SJF 2002 Auction Report, Steam Tractor Plows from the 1890’s, Chuckwagon: Focus of New Display, Rotary Pump, V-Plow & Snow Mower, Steam Reaper, The Field of Petit-Bourg, Ask A Teamster – Halters Off!, Ox Teamster’s Challenge 2001, Butchering the Chickens, Evil Sue & the City Slicker, Alberta Ranch Scenes, Feeding Turkeys, Goats are Good Business, Bonnie & Mayday – A Horsepower Farm Team, Feeding Horses & Mules (1938), Why Work Horses, Various Poetry

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