Vol. 27, No. 3 – Summer 2003


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Source Work (Editorial), Roof on a Haystack, Cultivating Questions with Anne & Eric Nordell (Mulch Tilled Carrots, No-Till Garlic, Managing Clay Soils, Counting Beans, Effects of Tillage on Soils), Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Fruits of My Labor, Father & Son Farming, Guardian Farmers, Historic Farming at at Carriage Hill, Can We Make a Living From a Small Farm?, Reconstruction by Way of the Soil, How to build a terrace, Evolution of a Permanent Bed System, Farming by the Square Inch, How to Choose a Farm, Poor Man’s Farm, Mexico – The Chavez Family, Circling the Garden, Speedy, Teamster Round Table 2003 (part two), Hollow-Tile Farm Buildings, Barb Wire trailer, 3-Abreast Hitch as a Training Aid, Confessions of a Cro-Magnon Man, A Horse Tale, Settin’ Hens, Ask a Teamster – “Onion” follow-up, Avery & Champion Colors, SFJ Auction Report 2003, One Horse Implements, Fence Stiles & “People gates”, Orenco Wagon Company, The Art of the Wheelwright (review of Dave Engel’s new video)

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