Vol. 27, No. 4 – Fall 2003


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Workhorse Diary, True Corn, Making Hay, Raised Bed Gardening, Horse Hays, Oranges, Carrots & Beets, Manure Management, When Enough is Enough – Horsedrawn Circle Letter, Asking Questions, Reconstruction by Way of the Soil (part 3), The Scyther, Diatomaceous Earth, Dad vs. the Great Depression, Amish Farmers in Ohio, Mexican Migration, Reflections of a Farm Teen, Chuck Baley of SW Colorado, Days Gone By, Brandon’s Kite, Speedy, Broodmares Affect Foals’ Behavior, Colic in Pregnant Mares, Ask A Teamster – Trouble Backing a Team, Olson Driving School, Pedro, Buckeye Fertilizer Sower, Buckeye Combined Truck & Bag Holder, Seat for Walking Plow, Pedal-powered Crosscut Saw, How to Set Your Grain Drill, Horse Progress Days, The Old Woodstove, Snow Trail Groomer, Harness Parts, the Chuck Wagon, Anatomy of the Farm Wagon Brake System, Horse Drawn Equipment Directory, General Barn Plan, Ox Yoke Plan, Homemade 3-Abreast Evener Plan, Small Dairy Barn Plan, Small Farm Hog Housing Plan, Various Poetry

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