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Vol. 28, No. 1 – Winter 2004


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Farming & the Margins of Consequence (Editorial), Skim Milk & Egg Production, those First Year CSA Blues, Passionate Plant Breeding, Brewing Beer on the Farm, One Horse Haying, Apprentices: Farmers of the Future, Cultivating Questions, Saving Birds from the Mower, Reconstruction by Way of the Soil, part IV, Traveling, WWOOFing & Beekeeping, 1st Annual State of Ohio Plowing Contest, A Family Cow on today’s Farm, Heritage Farm Fun Time Plowing Match, Outdoor Poultry Feeder, Suffolk Punch Horses in England, Worm-free Horses without Pharmaceuticals, Wild Music, Wildlife Habitat on the Farm, Poultry Pictures, A Rare Breed (Kerry Cattle), Ask a Teamster with Doc Hammill, Horse Powers & Treadmills, North Dakota Horsepowered Threshing, Horsedrawn Plastic Mulch Layer & Bed Raiser, Gateing a ditch or streambed, Old Tractors Never Die, Wooden Nests, Cornell Outdoor Poultry Feeder, Post Pullers, Poetry & Book Reviews

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