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Students on the Lines

We conclude our online presentation of Volume 41 Issue 2 with beautiful photos from Walt Bernard’s Workhorse Workshops and some hard-to-find info on the McCormick-Deering Plain Fluted Feed “R” Grain Drill Grain Indicator Plate.

Students on the Lines

Anne driving 9 horses discing, during workhorseworkshops, for a fall planting of oats. The hitch includes four farm-trained Suffolks and Anne’s Haflinger (in the right wheel position). Anne came from Canada to participate in the draft horse farming educational programs.

Students on the Lines

Students on the Lines

Anne Peterson and Sophia Bates discing with 8 horses at workhorseworkshops on Ruby and Amber’s Farm in Dexter, Oregon. Land being prepared for squash.

McCormick-Deering Plain Fluted Feed “R” Grain Drill

Grain Indicator Plate

We have had readers call in the past and say they are missing the Indicator Plate (or that some part of it is broken). Hopefully this diagram and manual info helps to figure it all out. – LRM

McD Grain Indicator Plate

Illustration No. 79 — Grain indicator plate.

Quantities specified on indicator plates are obtained with bottom of cups adjusted to top notch. (See Illustration No. 80 also.)

Be sure to set both indicator pointers exactly on the mark representing the desired quantity per acre.

When resetting indicator for any reason, best results are secured by moving pointer to the largest quantity shown, then close just to the desired quantity, as greater accuracy will be secured in this way than by moving pointer back and forth.

Grain feed cup bottom is adjustable to three positions, depending on which of the three notches is used for small latch as illustrated.

It is important that this adjustment be the same for all caps, and latch on bottoms be tapped firmly into notch.

McD Grain Indicator Plate

Illustration No. 80 — Fluted feed cup bottom adjustments.