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With a one year Small Farmer’s Journal subscription, you will receive four issues. A two year subscription receives eight issues and a three year subscription receives twelve issues. A Small Farmer’s Journal subscription does not include website membership.

Please feel free to RENEW your subscription here, too. Your customer ID number isn’t necessary because we double-check every single order to see if you are an existing subscriber.

Outside of the U.S. please call 1-541-549-2064 or email to subscribe. At this time, Canada subscriptions are $67 for one year and international subscriptions are $87 for one year. Multi-year subscriptions are not available outside of the U.S.

Small Farmer’s Journal, founded in 1976, is an award-winning, international agrarian quarterly with forty plus years of print history. The publication is dedicated to the preservation and support of small-scale agricultural pursuits and family farms. It currently goes out to 72 countries worldwide, as well as all of the U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

Small Farmer’s Journal has steadfastly held that the most important, useful and vital component of all agriculture is the independent family farm; that operation which is held dear, near and tightly as it is truly part of the family.

More like a community odyssey than a periodical, Small Farmer’s Journal’s large, beautiful format is packed to over-full with more information than you might find in three or four conventional magazines. Supported 100% by its readership, this folksy and feisty publication, a true clarion of free speech in the best old sense of the phrase, is a vibrant and exciting platform for engaging far-flung ideas about anything pertinent to the small family farm experience.

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To gain access to all the content on this site, subscribe for just $5 per month. If you are not completely satisfied, cancel at any time. Here at your own convenience you can access past articles from Small Farmer’s Journal’s first forty years and all of the brand new content of new issues. You will also find posts of complete equipment manuals and a wide assortment of valuable resources. Website membership does not include a print subscription.

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