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Founded in 1976, Small Farmer’s Journal is an award-winning, internationally renowned agrarian quarterly with over forty-five years of print history and counting. The publication is dedicated to the preservation and support of small-scale agricultural pursuits and family farms.

We offer a quarterly Print Subscription, a Website Membership, and a free email newsletter called the Home & Shop Companion. We also have Books, Back Issues and Manuals available in the Small Farmer’s Market, or you can call or write our office to place your order.

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With a one year Small Farmer’s Journal print subscription, you will receive four issues. A two year subscription receives eight issues and a three year subscription receives twelve issues. A Small Farmer’s Journal subscription does not include website membership. Sorry, multi-year subscriptions are not available outside of the U.S.

Small Farmer’s Journal is a large format, beautiful, full-color periodical packed with more information than you might find in three or four conventional magazines. Supported 100% by its readership, this folksy and feisty publication, a true clarion of free speech in the best old sense of the phrase, is a vibrant and exciting platform for engaging far-flung ideas about anything pertinent to the small family farm experience. Livestock, Crops, Barns, Farming Systems, Equipment, Recipes, Kids Activites, Marketing, Poetry, Stories; IT’S ALL THERE!

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The Small Farmer’s Journal website is an ever-expanding archive of articles from the forty-five plus years the magazine has been published. A new article from a back issue is added every day, including articles from the brand new issue when it comes out.

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Slow Snow
The thoughts triggered by the summer consequences of that slow snow has me looking for clear evidence. Did the snow cause this dramatic increase in grass growth beneath trees, in overall fertility? Is this land, this region, this wildife migration ... read more
Categories: Editorials
Ask A Teamster Round Pen Training
When we ask a horse to follow us in the round pen we can help him succeed by varying things a bit - changing direction and speed frequently, stopping periodically to reward him with a rub (“a rub” or two, ... read more
Categories: Ask A TeamsterLivestock
The Best Kept Secret, Revisited
At the same time that U.S. commercial beekeeping is circling down in a death spiral, hobby beekeeping is booming and almost every beekeeping club in the country has at least twice as many members as it did twenty years ago. ... read more

Small Farmer’s Journal Home & Shop Companion

The Home & Shop Companion is a free weekly email newsletter. It features stories, handy hints, recipes, news, offers, projects, distractions and other stuff we think you’ll find interesting. The entire series is archived here on the website and is free to all to browse: Home & Shop Companion Archive.


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Stephen Bishop • Tool Rack • Boston Brown Bread
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William Castle • Hand Scoop • Green Eggs and Ham
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William Castle • Making a Soft Hammer • Chicken in Walnut Sauce