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SmP Seeder-Roller

Seeder-Roller – SmP Séi-Roll 1.0 for Horse Traction

Because it is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source, horse traction is currently undergoing a renaissance in small scale agricultural holdings, winegrowing, market gardening and forestry. Within this context, implements for animal traction with mechanical drivetrain and direct draft are gaining importance. One of the goals of Schaff mat Päerd is to support this process by the development of new equipment and related studies and publications.

SmP Kombi-Roll Rubber Wedge Ring Roller

SmP Kombi-Roll Rubber Wedge Ring Roller

The energy conversion of a draft horse is equivalent to a bio-motor, converting chemically bound energy, in the form of the horse’s fodder, into mechanical energy. The most important aspect herein is the fact that this energy is limited. The present test report highlights how animal-friendly equipment construction can contribute to an optimal efficiency of the horse’s energy conversion with best regard to animal welfare, by eliminating any supplemental load in the hitch.

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