(Italics ours) If we can agree that industrial agriculture and the scale it embraces is anethema to a safe culture of farming then why should we, as small farmers, be coerced to comply with industry-accepted food safety standards? Don’t we subscribe to and comply with a much higher standard? It is like asking that we as farmers comply with industry-accepted mining practices?

The Wallace Center at Winrock International (a good and valued entity) together with FoodLogiQ announced a partnership  to support the recently expanded U.S. Department of Agriculture GroupGAP program. The federal program, officially announced nationally last month at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, works to support small growers to become compliant with industry-accepted food safety standards.

Under the traditional “Good Agricultural Practices” – or GAP – programs, the USDA audits individual farms, but this process can be time consuming and costly for many small-to-medium sized farms. And with the increasing demand for locally sourced food, these growers have an amazing opportunity to expand their business – assuming they can become compliant with industry food safety standards.

(So, once again we’re being told that if we toe the industrial-line we as small farmers might get a piece of the pie. Smelly suppositions there, coated in questionable outcome. LRM)