Thought this morning of socially-modified organisms and the fleeting “yum-factor”. And it is all so very far from what should matter.

Observation: a life embracing flux, deep in the thicket of diversity and interconnectedness gives us those fluttering edges that reach out and pull in any new ventures as natural, reach out and make of the new mix, the new edit, something all of the new piece, all of the parcel, all of the growing whole.

It is long past time for society (western) to escape its false liberation and rejoin structure, chosen routine, selected constructive memberships. Perhaps at the core of these “culture” wars rests or worms individual discomfort with ‘liberation’. Not speaking of equality which at its core is a machination of false governance.

Question: what part does cultural membership, the deepest sort where secrets and traditions are freely shared, what part does that play in keeping alive the natural ways of farming, medicine and song?

And then there are these digital manifestations of this new age of intense shallow. Is it just me? Is it my poison? Or these poisonous times? Heard a woman on the radio say it, we are in the thick inescapable middle of the biggest change in the collective human psyche since Guttenberg’s press five hundred years ago. Everyone has a chance at a voice in the public din. Very few wish to listen to any voice except their own. The absurdities fed and fed and fed by commerce.

And today the grandmothers of Venezuela have no food for their families but they have this damned internet.

So many examples, endless in fact, of how rampant capitalism continues to destroy humanity and the planet. Odd the bargain that we all feel, almost as if in a communist state, that every idea belongs to all of us so long as we are sitting back and watching the self-annointed devour what the ideas bring.

And between we working poor and the idle rich is the machinery of commerce and governance which dissolves common sense and honest effort in a slow persistent rust of control. Rampant capitalism persists because it rewards greed, stupidity and immorality. It feeds the rust it provides opportunity to. – Lynn Miller