Times Change and We Must Change With Them

Times Change And We Must Change With Them (Somewhat)

Small Farmer’s Journal is restructuring and changing its business model.

For nigh on forty years we looked to magazine subscription revenue to keep us rolling. We printed journals and mailed them to our subscribers. That was our business model. Doesn’t work today.

The internet has changed all of that. People are much less inclined to purchase print magazines let alone subscriptions. And the post office has become cost prohibitive as an affordable delivery system.

We are committed to the print edition Small Farmer’s Journal and are moving from strictly subscription revenue to a traditional combined subscription and ad revenue model. We are also expanding our readership and reach other-wheres and in new ways including expanding even further onto the web. This shares our small farm message and advertisers to even more people, which makes us stronger than ever. The Print Subscription process remains the same as always, you can subscribe online or give us a call at 800-876-2893.

These last many months our experimentation with this daily edition website has shown us a new dynamic. Many thousands of folk are visiting smallfarmersjournal.com where they are finding the information, support and community they need. And the data we’ve received shows us they (you) want more articles, information, ads and notices.

Starting today, here’s our new business model:

  • Small Farmer’s Journal will be BOTH: a paid subscription website AND a mailed print edition subscription periodical AND we will expand and combine advertising on both platforms.
  • Starting today we are charging $5 per month to anyone who wishes complete and unlimited access to our website. A simple signup process includes an automated on-line renewal. (You may cancel at any time.)
  • And we are ramping up the content to add more articles, features and information every day. Also we are aggressively going after more appropriate and useful advertisers (for print and web).
  • The website and the print edition subscriptions are separate and unique.

As we work on this restructuring, we are offering to print edition subscribers a “Buy One Month Get 3 Months Free” extension to their website membership.

Times Change and We Must Change With Them