Herman Van Koughnet

My Name is Herman Van Koughnet

My name is Herman Van Koughnet

I was born in 1901. I have been successful at a few things in my life. I have been a mule skinner, trapper, farmer, railroad engineer, tie peeler, hunter, prospector, coal miner, stump puller, blacksmith, carpenter, wagon builder, firewood cutter, lumberjack, hobo, bum, road construction worker, worked on the railroad, and ditch digger. Back in the 1930’s, anywhere I could find work as a fence builder or plowboy. I fought with Poncho Villa and his army. I joined his army to help him and his people. I don’t really think I proved anything by it but I did come back alive. I used to go pull stumps for farmers, cut firewood, repair and build wagons and harness too.